AMNT 2018: Further development of nuclear expertise requires a policy master plan

Berlin, 29.05.2018

The excellence of nuclear products and services from Germany as well as an outstanding safety culture make a significant contribution to increasing the safety of nuclear installations internationally.

“Anyone wishing to preserve this contribution and Germany’s international voice in the future must lay the appropriate foundations now. This applies to the regulatory framework as well as to an objective public dialogue and constructive input in international issues,” warned Dr. Ralf Güldner, President of the German Atomic Forum (DAtF), in his opening speech at the 49th Annual Meeting on Nuclear Technology (AMNT 2018) in Berlin today.

Particularly in view of the demands from German politics to shut down nuclear power plants in neighboring countries, Güldner pointed to the operating experience which would no longer be updateable in electricity generating operation of the German plants after 2022. “For the period after 2022, politicians urgently need a master plan to safeguard and further develop the expertise in safe nuclear power plant operation for the long term. In addition to practical experience, this also includes ideology-free reactor safety research for which adequate staff and finances are provided.” Güldner went on to say that, in future, anyone still wishing to evaluate new reactor concepts in terms of safety, would have to take part in European and international reactor development.

In this context, Güldner highlighted the importance of the nuclear locations in Germany at the Annual Meeting of the entire industry which was attended by participants from business, industry, waste management, research, expert organizations and the authorities. “Nuclear technology from Germany is very much in demand throughout the world. The companies in our industry make an indispensable contribution to the further development of international safety standards and to Germany as a business and knowledge location,” Güldner stressed.

With regard to legal implementation of the Federal German Constitutional Court’s judgment on compensation during the political phase-out of nuclear energy use in Germany, Güldner concluded by pointing out that it was essential to obtain a complete settlement which also takes adequate account of interest effects in the usual way.


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