German Atomic Forum: New Site Selection Act paves the way for final disposal

Berlin, 23.03.2017

The German Atomic Forum welcomes the fact that with today’s adoption of the amendment to the Site Selection Act (StandAG) in the Bundestag, politicians have now described a binding path governing the search for and provision of a final repository for high active waste.

Dr. Ralf Güldner, President of the German Atomic Forum, had this to say, “The new Site Selection Act paves the way for final disposal. The nuclear industry and the operators have kept their word and done their part towards this solution by constructively participating in the Final Repository Commission and consulting on the question of financing the final repository. It is also important that the Site Selection Act does not place any obstacles in the way of top-level nuclear research in Germany and its applications in medicine and industry.”

The German Atomic Forum assumes that the political consensus will endure in the long-term and above all will be implemented promptly. Güldner continued, “We must now get the process under way quickly and drive it forward consistently. Germany faces a political and social marathon which we can only complete successfully if the route does not become longer and longer as we follow it. We must also bear in mind that in the long term we need competent employees and young talents for final disposal in the nuclear industry and for research as well as in mining.”

The further development of the Site Selection Act implements the recommendations of the Commission on the Storage of High-level Radioactive Waste. In addition to the positive overall result, however, there are still weaknesses in the recommendations, as the President of the German Atomic Forum stated, “It is unfortunate that some inconsistencies that cannot be scientifically justified, such as the criterion of temperature compatibility, were not corrected during the implementation. Such apparent details must now be clarified during the process.”


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