Decision on Hinkley Point C: UK Continues to Rely on Nuclear Energy

Berlin, 19.09.2016

Following re-examination and in conjunction with a modified agreement with the investors, the government of the United Kingdom has agreed the Hinkley Point C (HPC) construction project with its two new nuclear power plant units. Thus the project has now been given the green light after the main investor’s final investment decision was made on 28 July.

Dr. Ralf Güldner, President of the German Atomic Forum, said: “The decision on Hinkley Point C is a positive sign for nuclear energy in Europe. It shows that it’s possible to pursue an energy policy programme which includes nuclear energy also in Europe.”

The construction of two new units at the existing Hinkley Point nuclear site is the first project in connection with the construction programme for nuclear energy in the UK. The programme with a planned capacity of around 16 gigawatts is part of the energy concept for the transition to a low-carbon energy supply which also includes the intensified expansion of renewable energies.

On this Güldner voiced: “The UK’s energy policy makes it clear that nuclear energy has an international role to play in climate protection. So far this year, nine plants worldwide have been newly connected to the grid.”


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