German Atomic Forum: Cessation of Measurements in Gorleben is not issue-oriented

Berlin, 29.07.2014

The German Atomic Forum regrets the closure of exploration area 1 in the Gorleben salt dome which was announced today by the Federal Ministry for the Environment.

According to Dr. Ralf Güldner, President of the German Atomic Forum, “Cessation of the measurements that have now being going on for many years means that valuable long-term information about the area’s geological behavior will be lost in future. It is not possible to infer the termination of measurements from the Site Selection Act; the motivation is purely political.”

The Site Selection Act does not deal with shutting down significant parts of the mine building and in particular breaking off the collection of data from measurements conducted over decades. It specifies only the discontinuation of mining exploration, referred to as driving of drifts and boreholes, and the site’s continuance in the selection process.

The lack of knowledge about the behavior of the rock system in the existing mine workings while the mine is kept open in the future will make it difficult to demonstrate long-term safety for the Gorleben site.


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