Amended Nuclear Safety Directive Supports High Level of German Safety

Berlin, 08.07.2014

The DAtF considers the high safety standards of German plants to have been confirmed by the amendment to the Nuclear Safety Directive adopted today (8 July) by the Council of the European Union. The directive already agreed on 11 June 2014 by the Permanent Representatives Committee of the Member States stipulates demanding safety targets for new and existing nuclear plants and increases transparency in the field of nuclear safety. Furthermore, the directive provides for a system of European peer reviews which must be carried out at least every six years from 2017.

Dr Ralf Güldner, President of the DAtF, said, “German nuclear facilities already meet the safety targets that will be set in the revised EU directive. The high safety level of nuclear installations in Germany was verified by the excellent results of German nuclear power plants in the EU stress test and the peer review process successfully completed at the time.”

The directive supplements Directive 2009/71/Euratom. The European Council had issued instructions in March 2011 to examine the existing regulatory framework on nuclear safety and to carry out improvements if necessary. The directive comes into force on the 20th day after its announcement in the Official Journal of the European Union. After this, the Member States have three years in which to incorporate it into their national legislation.


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