“Nuclear Energy World Champion 2013“ again from Germany

Frankfurt am Main, 05.05.2014

Three plants rank in the international Top Ten

In 2013 once again German nuclear power plants were able to demonstrate their reliability and productivity in international comparison: in the past year even three blocks in Germany were placed among the 10 best plants worldwide with regard to their power generation quantity. The title of “Nuclear Energy World Champion 2013” also goes to Germany, as already 28 times before since 1980, – to the plant Isar 2 with 12,04 bn. kWh of gross electricity generation. The nuclear power plant Brokdorf is in 3rd place (11.71bn. kWh), directly followed by the nuclear power plant Emsland (11.49 bn. kWh) in 4th place.

The production results of German nuclear power plants were achieved in a system environment, which is increasingly marked by the fluctuating supply of electricity generated by wind and sun. Nuclear power plants did not only contribute to the safe supply with climate-friendly base load power, but also contributed decisively to the stability of the electricity grid with their high degree of flexibility. By that, Isar 2 became for the tenth time world champion in 2013 although the plant, with its electricity grid stabilizing operation, could not produce electricity on calculated seven days of full load operation during the year.

More information on the current topics around nuclear energy in Germany and worldwide are provided on the 45th Annual Meeting on Nuclear Technology (AMNT) which takes place from 6 to 8 May in Frankfurt am Main. The conference is one of the most prestigious and largest events of its kind in Europe. With around 1.000 participants from over 20 nations, approx. 50 exhibitors and over 200 lectures the AMNT represents an international knowledge and dialog forum on nuclear technology and at the same time a performance exhibition of the nuclear sector in Germany.


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