Spokesman for AREVA Management is new Vice President of the DAtF

Berlin, 15.05.2013

The Annual General Meeting of the DAtF unanimously elected Stefan vom Scheidt as Vice President of the DAtF on 15 May 2013 in Berlin. As a result, the Technical Managing Director and spokesman for the management of AREVA GmbH completes the head of the DAtF’s Executive Committee which also includes Ralf Güldner as President and Dr. Peter Fritz as further Vice President.

Stefan vom Scheidt stressed on his election, “I want to make it clear in the coming months that there is an innovative and internationally successful nuclear technology industry in Germany which we need in this country even beyond phase-out. Only in this way can we safely shape the remaining operating times of our nuclear power plants and subsequently manage decommissioning and final disposal using local, qualified resources. We also need a strong industry so that Germany will continue to have a voice which carries weight in the discussions about safety standards.”

Stefan vom Scheidt took over the technical management of AREVA GmbH and is simultaneously spokesman for the management in Germany. Prior to this he was President and Chief Executive Officer of ATMEA from 2007, a joint enterprise of AREVA and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for the development, sale and construction of the ATMEA1 pressurized water reactor. The native German had previously held various management positions at AREVA and its predecessor companies for several years in France and the USA.

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