German Nuclear Power Plants Are Among the World’s Most Productive

Berlin, 22.04.2013

German NPP operators have managed to repeat the excellent result of 2011. Power plant units in Germany also achieved four of the ten best production results worldwide last year. In fourth place in the Top Ten is Isar 2 (12.08 billion kWh), followed immediately by Grohnde (11.69 billion kWh) and Emsland (11.43 billion kWh). The Neckarwestheim II plant occupies 10th place (11.13 billion kWh).

Looking at the 437 nuclear power plants throughout the world, the other German NPP units also occupied excellent places: Philippsburg 2 is in 18th place (10.78 billion kWh), followed immediately by Brokdorf (10.77 billion kWh); Gundremmingen C occupies 22nd place (10.61 billion kWh), Grafenrheinfeld is in 23rd place (10.60 billion kWh) and Gundremmingen B occupies 28th place (10.37 billion kWh).

The output of the German NPPs is rated all the more highly because they not only make a huge contribution to security of the supply with base load electricity but because they also provide strong backup for the renewable energies. German nuclear power plants constantly adjust their production to the fluctuating output of the renewables. In connection with this, the Isar 2 NPP lost six full-load days last year.

The French Chooz B1 NPP not only made it to first place but also broke its own world record with an electricity quantity of 12.97 billion kWh last year. The world record was from back in 2008 for an electricity production of 12.84 billion kWh. The Chooz B1 unit, operated on the Meuse in the French Ardennes, together with the identically designed Chooz B2, Civaux 1 and Civaux 2 are among the world’s highest output plants.

Electricity Production 2012: Top Ten Nuclear Power Plants

  Country NPP Operator ManufacturerGross Design Electrical Rating
Gross Electrical Energy Generated
bn. kWh
1FranceChooz B1EDFFramatome1,560 12.97
2FranceCiveaux 1EDFFramatome 1,561 12.12
3USAPalo Verde 1Arizona NPPCombustion Engineering 1,428 12.11
4GermanyIsar 2E.ON Kernkraft
Siemens KWU 1,485 12.08
5GermanyGrohndeE.ON KernkraftSiemens KWU 1,430 11.69
6GermanyEmslandKLESiemens KWU1,40011.43
7USAMillstone 3DOMINIONWestinghouse 1,280 11.23
8USACallawayAmerenUEWestinghouse 1,275 11.20
9USASouth Texas 1STP NOCWestinghouse 1,354 11.19
10GermanyNeckarwestheim IIEnKKSiemens KWU1,40011.13

Source: atw International Journal for Nuclear Power, platts, IAEA, Utilities

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