EU Stress Test - European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group ENSREG also Confirms High Safety Level of Germany´s Nuclear Power Plants

Berlin, 26.04.2012

Germany´s nuclear power plants possess a high degree of robustness in the event of earthquakes, floods and extreme weather conditions and adequate precautions are taken against incidents such as power failure, cooling failure and severe accidents. This is the outcome of the final report regarding the peer review of the national reports on the EU stress test for nuclear power plants which was published today by the European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group (ENSREG). The report, which was prepared during the EU stress test for nuclear power plants following the Fukushima reactor accident, therefore confirms the results of the national report for Germany which was delivered to the European Commission on 31.12.2011 and which shows that Germany´s nuclear power plants have a significantly higher safety level than the plants affected in Fukushima.

The four German NPP operators prepared comprehensive reports for drafting of the national report and submitted them to the regional supervisory authorities in due time. The authorities in turn checked and evaluated the reports before passing them on to the Federal Ministry for the Environment as the Federal Supervisory Authority. The Federal Ministry for the Environment summarized the results in a national report and delivered it to the European Commission. Following this, all the national regional reports were reviewed in several stages by independent, multinational teams of experts. The German NPP operators gave their full support to the peer review team for Germany while it carried out its work. The Grafenrheinfeld nuclear power plant in Germany was also visited during the tests. The European Commission will summarize the results of the reviews and the consequences for the safety of nuclear power plants in Europe in a report which will be submitted to the European Council of the Heads of State and Government. ENSREG has decided to continue the process of the European safety review and will prepare an action plan for this purpose.

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