Results of EU Stress Tests Confirm High Level of Safety in Germany

Berlin, 16.01.2012

German nuclear power plants possess a high degree of ruggedness in the event of earthquakes, floods and torrential rain. The Federal Ministry for the Environment points to this in its communication of 2 January 2012 with regard to the EU stress test carried out on the nuclear power plants: In this case the results for the German plants have confirmed the results of the safety inspection carried out by the Reactor Safety Commission (RSK) in May 2011.

German nuclear power plant operators support what are known as the stress tests for EU nuclear power plants: auditing by the European Commission and the European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group (ENSREG) of the 143 power plants in the European Union based on EU-wide criteria. The four German operators had prepared comprehensive reports for this purpose and had submitted them to the regional supervisory authorities in due time. The authorities had checked the reports and handed their evaluation to the Federal Ministry for the Environment as the federal supervisory authority. In turn the Federal Ministry for the Environment summarized the results in a national report and delivered it to the European Commission by the due date of 31.12.2011. Further information on the results of the German nuclear power plants can be found on the Internet sites of each operator.

All national regional reports on the EU stress test will be verified this year by teams of independent, multinational experts before the results are presented to the EU Council in June 2012. The German nuclear power plant operators will also provide extensive support for this process.

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