German Atomic Forum: Switzerland not to Follow Germany`s Solo Run

Berlin, 18.05.2003

The Swiss people have clearly rejected the two nuclear phase-out initiatives "Strom ohne Atom" (Electricity Without the Atom) and "MoratoriumPlus". The Swiss population has thereby spoken out against abandoning nuclear power, which had been demanded by a minority. The German Atomic Forum (DAtF) considers the result of the referendum as a vote in favour of a sensible energy policy. The general public in Switzerland has shown that it is in favour of the safe and justifiable option of electricity generation in nuclear power plants and has appreciated by its vote the advantages of nuclear power with regard to climate protection, profitability, and supply safety for the country. The result of the Swiss referendum shows clearly once more that the purely politically motivated phase-out of the peaceful use of nuclear power in Germany has not set a precedent internationally.

The five nuclear power plant units currently in operation in Switzerland cover at present about 40 percent of the country`s electricity demand. The other 60 percent are provided by hydropower. This means that the country has an almost emission-free electricity-generating mix. Nuclear power plants and run-of-river power plants cover the so-called base load supply. The large storage power plants provide electricity in the event of consumption peaks. After France, Switzerland is the second-largest exporter of electricity in the European power market.


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