Federal Environment Minister`s Advertising Campaign

Bonn, 02.06.1999

Dr Otto Majewski, the President of the German Atomic Forum and chairman of the management board of Bayernwerk AG, has made the following statement at the start of the national advertising campaign by Federal Environment Minister Jürgen Trittin on the phase-out of nuclear power:

"Whilst the Federal Government will be collecting billions in additional tax revenues from ordinary citizens over the next few weeks, Federal Environment Minister Jürgen Trittin is now wasting millions on an advertising campaign designed to bamboozle the population. The taxpayer?s money is being required to make good, as accompanying music, for the socialist-environmentalist phase-out policy which is now completely bogged down. Instead of an honest, factual discussion of the consequences of a phase-out policy which the majority of the population opposes anyway, Trittin is now indulging in eyewash and financing it from taxes.

The phase-out of nuclear power would have disastrous consequences for Germany: the loss of competitiveness and of jobs, dependence on imported electricity, and the relinquishing of an advanced technology with good future prospects all over the world.

Trittin is missing the target completely with his assertion that solar and wind sources could supply energy to German manufacturing and service industries within the next few years. This is wrong from the point of view of the power business, and foolish in economic terms. It will not be possible for a long time to come for nuclear energy, coal, and gas to be replaced by solar and wind energy. Trittin?s advertising campaign is thus creating illusions, and attempting to play individual sources of energy off against one another. The German Federal coat-of-arms is being used to sanctify propaganda for ecologist ideology and a policy which is hostile to business.

This campaign is running counter to all the efforts being made to reach an understanding between the Federal Government and the energy industry. Mr Trittin must take responsibility for once again worsening the climate of the discussions."


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