Karl Winnacker Prize for Helmut Maier-Mannhart

Karlsruhe, 19.05.1999

The German Atomic Forum has awarded the Karl Winnacker prize for the 25th time. It went this year to the journalist Helmut Maier-Mannhart.

This prize was named after the founder of the German Atomic Forum, who was also its president for many years, and is awarded to personalities how have earned particular recognition for their work in promoting popular understanding of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

Mr Maier-Mannhart is the economics editor of the Süddeutsche Zeitung in Munich. The prize, presented today at the 1999 Annual Nuclear Technology Conference in Karlsruhe, has been granted in recognition of his efforts in constantly producing balanced, well founded reports on nuclear energy and in writing perceptive editorial comments on nuclear policy questions.

After gaining a degree in economics serving a traineeship, Mr Maier-Mannhart joined the economics staff of the Süddeutsche Zeitung in 1963 and became economics editor in 1987. He has been given a number of awards for his work as a journalist: in 1981 he gained the Raiffeisen Prize for the best German economics reporting, and in 1998 the Taxpayers` Federation awarded him their "Savings Lion".


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