Major Demonstration in Bonn – in Support of Nuclear Power

Bonn, 09.03.1999

Vollständiger MitteilThe German Atomic Forum has every possible sympathy with the demonstration being held in Bonn today in support of the retention of jobs in the energy industry and the further use of nuclear energy.

It is high time for opposition to be shown to the amateur and highly experimental strategies of the socialist-environmentalist government towards our safe and reliable energy supplies. If one-third of our power supplies (of our basic-load supply, at that) is to be arbitrarily shut off, this will affect every single person in this country and will mean the loss of tens of thousands of jobs, a huge increase in environmental pollution (because more fossil fuel will have to be burnt), and probably an increase in the importation of nuclear-generated electricity from abroad.

Dr Wilfried Steuer, the President of the German Atomic Forum, specifically thanked those employees who have drawn attention to this problem in Bonn today, because Germany would suffer a serious loss if nuclear power were to be terminated.


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